Jabbed people get attacked by demons – more about wrong frequencies

There are two different main-frequencies on earth. One of them is the wrong one. Watch from 22.min the underneath video. What is said here total in line with my research but also with what i see with my third eye and spoke about in my video’s. Be warned if you still think that getting injected […]

Part 8 РThe Hacked Horus РHorus Pirat̩ (English and French)

Part 8 is ready now, in English and in a version with French subtitles. Learn about what is twisted and transformed. After this episode you know also more about those strange hand signals artists make. It’s all about reflections…A special spiritual force was changed into a material force by the Cabal with all kinds of […]

Huge megalithic complex found in Spain and yes… there’s a link with the Ancient Religion of Light

Those who have read my book on the White Goddess understand what this great megalithic find is all about. The name Hueva will immediately ring a bell with them, making it understandable why this find was made in the province of Huelva. It’s all about connecting dots! https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/nl/2022/08/19/groot-megalitisch-complex-met-meer-dan-500-menhirs-gevonden-in-z/